Troubleshooting Registration Errors

This article gives an overview of some of the potential errors you may receive during onboarding and how to remedy them.

" We are unable to identify your company, please check the values you entered and try again."

This response means that the combination of EIN and Access Code entered into the registration form does not match the company's information that we expect to register. If this occurs, steps taken to resolve it may include:

  • Verify to be sure you did not make a typo.
    1. Confirm you are entering the correct EIN.
    2. Verify the access code you received in communications from Delaware EARNS.
  • If you believe you are entering accurate information, please get in touch with or (855) 934-3701 for assistance.

" The entered access code has already been used for program registration or exemption. If you have registered, click here to sign in. Please contact (855) 934-3701 if you require further assistance."

This response means that someone from your company already registered for an account. That person has access to the company’s retirement portal and can provide access to additional users through those tools rather than the public registration pages. Please consult internally to identify the existing administrative user. If you can't identify that person or that person has left the firm, please contact or (855) 934-3701 for assistance.

" The invite has either been invalidated or has been used. Please contact (855) 934-3701 to get a new invite to register."

This response means the registration invite link has already been used or has been invalidated. If this happens, please contact or (855) 934-3701 for assistance.

What is my username? I don’t remember creating it.

The email address provided on the "Contact Information" page of the registration flow serves as your username to access your company’s retirement portal. An email titled “Thank you for registering” was sent to this email address at the close of the registration process.

I started the registration process but did not finish it. What should I do?

If you've started but did not finish the registration process, please simply begin the process over again.

What do I do if I have 2 or more companies to register for Delaware EARNS?

Check out these instructions to learn how to link all your companies together under a single user login and password during the registration process.