Exempt Your Business After Registering

You have the option to exempt your business after you have started your registration.

If you have set a username and password for Delaware EARNS but do not need to facilitate the program or are no longer in business, you must call our service team at (855) 934-3701 to update your business status to exempt or terminated. This is an important step to avoid being notified about potential enforcement action from the state.

When you call in, be sure to have:

  • Business name or DBA
  • FEIN
  • Caller’s information (name, title, phone number)
  • Exemption reason
  • Date of termination (if applicable)

Note: You are only eligible to be exempt if you offer one of the qualified retirement plans outlined below: 

  • 401(k) – or other 401(a) plan

  • 403(a) – qualified annuity plan

  • 403(b) – tax-sheltered annuity plan

  • 408(k) – SEP plan

  • 408(p) – SIMPLE IRA plan

  • 457(b) – governmental deferred compensation plan

You may also exempt your company if you employ less than 5 employees.

No action is required by your employees. If you have added employees or sent contributions, they own their account and can continue to save with the program by setting up contributions directly from their bank to keep savings for retirement.